be a great step parent

 What are your visions for your future as a stepfamily?

Take a moment to imagine ideally how you would like the relationships in your stepfamily to develop and flourish.

What are the values which are important to you for yourself and in raising your children?   Respect?    Patience?    Humor?     Fun?    Independencc?     Trust?     Honesty?   Happiness?     Responsibility?    Cooperation?     Joy?     Love?    

Claim your power as parent and stepparent to create a life and future as a stepfamily that is exciting and joyful.

Increase the effectiveness of your speaking and listening skills with each other as co-parents and your children to create a positive stepfamiy experience for all.

Create a balance in your stepfamily, so that all family members feel important and know how they fit into the family unit.

Live and love fully with your partner and learn to give your relationship the priority it deserves.

Have fun together and never lose your sense of humor, you need it! 

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20 septembre 2021
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