Top Up with Jesus

di Harry Aslan (Autore)
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For many, Jesus is a comparatively shadowy figure who often gets sidelined. We may have read about His life and times in the New Testament Gospels, we may have marvelled at His numerous awesome miracles, we may have wondered, perhaps in disbelief, at his unprecedented resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven. Yet, despite the above, most of us do not regard Him as supremely special or 'top of the agenda.'

Discover in this beautiful, highly readable summary the truth of Jesus' unique claims to be the son of God, how He feels for us, how He can touch our hearts and inflame them with true love. Above all, discover how, by following His compassionate, unburdensome teachings and commandments, we can all secure a more fulfilling life here on earth regardless of its trials and tribulations, eternal life in heaven, and avoid the spectre of hell.

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09 settembre 2021
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