In the 1980s, Tammy Faye Bakker was America's televangelical sweetheart. With her husband Jim, she led the PTL ministry, a religious organization so strong that its broadcasts were top-rated fare and its contributions largely financed the construction of one of the nation's most popular tourist destinations, the Christian theme park Heritage USA.
But suddenly, PTL came tumbling down. All was lost. Jim went to jail while Tammy desperately tried to rebuild her life and career. Now, in Tammy: Telling It My Way, she finally reveals the unknown triumphs, secret tragedies, and unswerving faith that have made her one of our most fascinating women.
Tammy tells of her difficult upbringing in Minnesota, where her mother's divorce brought unwarranted shame upon her family. She frankly discusses her early courtship at Bible school by "the fabulous Bakker boy," and the struggling couple's efforts to find work, make ends meet, and establish a ministry. And in never-before-reported detail, Tammy confides her painful bouts with depression, loneliness, and addiction that coincided with the couple's rise and demise on television.
Powerful, poignant, candid, and unforgettable, Tammy tells Tammy's own side of the story. It is a memorable tale of love, trust in God, and the power of the heart and spirit to recover from all adversities.

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September 17, 2021
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