Get Rid of Depression

Get Rid of Depression

by jacob chelsea (Author)
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Depression, with anxiety, crying, feeling tired, not coping and poor concentration is a secret but very common illness,Stress, Illness and childbirth can lead to anxiety/ worrying and to depression – all of which can be very successfully treated.Severe Depression, on the other hand, needs Medical/Professional treatment, as left un-treated may lead to Suicidal thoughts/feelings/actions. Suicide is one of the leading killers in our society. Suicidal thoughts are generally caused when people are very depressed and with a feeling of hopelessness/being a burden/preoccupation with death - which can cause a distorted view of reality – when in fact there are many ways of recovering, as attested to by survivors (many of whom can’t believe what they were thinking/attempted suicide and were so glad they were still alive and had sought treatment). The effects of suicide on families and friends is disastrous, with copycat actions/severe depression possibly ensuing.

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September 15, 2021
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