overcoming depression forever

overcoming depression forever

by jacob chelsea (Author)
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Depression – an overwhelming feeling of despair that can strike anyone of any age or gender. Depression mentally cripples people, hurts families and ruins relationships due to painful symptoms that often include lingering sadness, total exhaustion, extreme anxiety, sexual dysfunction, self-blaming or guilt, and a lack of motivation.

Depression is more intense than the natural emotion of sadness. Chronic changes in mood, motivation and an overall inability to function through your typical day like you're used to are strong signs that you're suffering from depression rather than the garden variety sadness. Other clues may be crying more than usual and an almost constant empty or 'numb all over' feeling.

Even trying to accomplish the simplest task may seem totally impossible when you're depressed. Depression is a top issue in the Global Mental Health Agency that affects people just like you everywhere in the world.

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September 15, 2021
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