Two-Turn Tina

Two-Turn Tina

by Donna Weatherford (Author), Sarah Quinn (Illustrator)
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Two-Turn Tina is a rhyming story book about a young, beautiful fish who wants to have friends, but she insists on taking two turns while giving others only one turn when playing her game. Each of the characters swim away with a reason to do something else. Find out if Tina is going to continue to be a young, lonely fish, or will Eight-Turn Ollie the Octopus help her to turn things around with her clever guidance?

Join Tina as she meets many fun and interesting characters, such as: Chloe the Clown Fish, Celeste the Starfish, Henry the Hammerhead, and many more!

The lessons in this book teach children about taking turns, forgiveness, and following The Golden Rule. Parents, teachers, and counselors will easily find opportunities to use this book and apply it to real-life situations! Adults and kids together will love reading this engaging and creative book!

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August 27, 2021
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