How to Prevent Major Conflicts in Relationship & Marriage and Live Happily FOREVER

How to Prevent Major Conflicts in Relationship & Marriage and Live Happily FOREVER

by Harry Maria (Author)
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     This is a journey towards creating happiness and love in your relationship. It is natural for your MIND to have a lot of curiosity around knowing how to make our relationship better.

     How do you resolve the issues and how to create a love faded relationship? There are chances that your mind starts doubting whether that problem can be solved or not. Many times the mind believes that the problems are big and they cannot be solved and the mind usually looks at some external reason or the other person as the source of the problem.

     If you intend to have a happy relationship and intend to create a functional marriage, there are certain facts you need to know to make a personal choice about your partner.

    Those who are unable to keep the cycle running explore extramarital relationships and it is so funny that those who go outside the marriage have to still abide by the same principle of emotional and physical love as men of which if they had incorporated in their relationship could have turned everything positive.

So many couples do not connect on physical intimacy issues. They start losing attraction and lack of attraction makes people doubt whether their partner loves them or not. Sometimes when people have reached the last door and they find a lot of difficulty in acknowledging their emotions, things begin to get worse.

     You need to establish the right concept of emotional intimacy. It's about being close to the other's emotions and true feelings.  The disconnection between you and your in-laws can become a very natural source of conflict in your relationship or marriage and the same is the situation for your partner.

     Your inability to create a connection with them will cause more trouble for you with your in-laws. A time may come in your mind where you would feel like you have tried all your best but still, not able to make them connect and this may be causing issues between you and your partner. But don’t worry; there is a solution for this.

What You Will Learn in This Book:

  • You will get answers to every challenge in your relationship/marriage

  • you will get exceptional tips that guarantee everlasting peace, happiness, and trust in your relationship/marriage

  • Learn ways to easily forget being hurt and be happy again

  • How to make your in-laws suddenly LOVE you even if they never liked you before

  • Learn ways to stop unnecessary arguments & fights in your marriage & relationship

  • Make your partner truly love you permanently

  • Learn easy ways to talk properly without offending your partner

  • How to make your partner buy you a gift

  • Get your partner to say YES to your request

And so much more...

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August 31, 2021
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