Plasticity, Limit Analysis, Stability and Structural Design

de Wai-Fah Chen (Auteur), Lian Duan (Éditeur)
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This book is a personal anthology of the author's utmost academic works and accomplishments with his former students and colleagues intended as an enduring record for the engineering community for many years to come.The author's forty-year professional career and academic life journey is first briefly sketched in Chapter 1 and more details are elaborated in three chapters that follow: Chapter 2: The first ten years at Lehigh — beginning to show; Chapter 3: Twenty=three years at Purdue — the highly productive years; and Chapter 4: seven years at UH — the pursuit of excellence. The author's specific academic contributions are documented in the following three chapters: Chapter 5: 23 academic bulletins are selected to highlight his 10 major research areas; Chapter 6: 23 Academic masterpiece books are listed along with their respective peer review comments; and Chapter 7: academic publications include journal articles, conference proceedings and symposiums, and lectures and keynotes. The book ends with the listing of all the author's 55 doctoral students' dissertation titles in Chapter 8.In 1975 at Lehigh, the author published a milestone treatise on Limit Analysis and Soil Plasticity. In 1982 at Purdue, he published another pioneering work on Plasticity in Reinforced Concrete.In September 1999, the author was recruited by UH to take the Deanship of the College of Engineering to accomplish the noble mission: to build the College to become one of the top 50 engineering schools by strengthening the faculty, improving the facilities, and increasing the enrollment. Over his seven years at UH, a lot of progress was made in all these three areas — the research program expanded, facilities improved, and enrollment increased.Contents:

  • Preface
  • Author
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Lehigh University, 1966–1976, Beginning to Show
  • Purdue University, 1976–1999, Highly Productive Years
  • University of Hawaii, 1999–2006, The Pursuit of Excellence
  • Selected Academic Bulletins
  • Academic Masterpiece Books
  • Academic Publications
  • PhD Dissertations
  • Postscript
  • Index

Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and practitioners in the fields of Civil and Structural Engineering and Applied and Engineering Mechanics.Plasticity;Soil Mechanics;Structural Engineering;Limit Analysis Structural Design;Advanced Analysis;Temporary Structures;Offshore Structures;Reinforced Concrete;Steel Structures;Structural Stability;Strut-Tie Model;Concrete Buildings;Plastic Design;Beam-Columns;Steel Joints and Connections;Connection Database;Semi-Rigid Construction0Key Features:
  • It gives a big picture of the modern development of structural engineering starting from the highly mathematical theory of plasticity, to soil and concrete plasticity, to limit analysis leading to theory of beam-columns, reinforced concrete design, plastic design in steels including advanced analysis in structural stability of frames, and offshore structures along with safe construction analysis

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22 janvier 2021
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