God in Every Moment

by Edie Bowman (Author)
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If you’ve been told that you think too much, are quirky, or that you ask too many questions, then this book is for you! I understand the overthinking, creative mind, and have learned to embrace it! God wants to use our minds, talents, and creativity, in positive, redemptive ways. Our uniqueness’s can bring us closer God, but knowing he is for you, makes all the difference! He’s present in Every Moment, if we acknowledge him.

This memoir is a little bit of everything--because we are complex beings. It’s a roller coaster of emotions expressing moments of my life through multiple genres: short stories, quotes, poetry, words of wisdom, and wildly comedic gestures (that perhaps, I should’ve kept inside…Lol!).

My hope is by the end of this book you will have taken a wild journey that left you feeling heard, understood, uplifted, and convinced that God cares about Everything that concerns us!

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August 17, 2021
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