A.I. and Remote Working

by Tony Miller (Author)
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The world of work is undergoing the most significant change since the Industrial revolution. Cognitive A.I. is driving world change faster than at any time in history. There are massive advantages for employers who act and act quickly.

At precisely the same time, COVID has been a wake-up call. Organizations have discovered that they employ too many people, and the realization – many can be more productive working remotely. Productivity increases, reduction in office space and management are all being actioned through home working. A significant study on Homeworkers indicates that worldwide, 1 in 5 will be working from home. Already many Global companies have announced this year plans to reduce office space by 40%. Productivity results that have been realized from remote working have exceeded expectations, which will accelerate.

This innovative book will guide you through A.I., how it will affect employment and existing processes, and what the employer and employee can expect in the new and rapidly changing world of work.

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August 31, 2021
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