A Concise History of the Book of Common Prayer

by Gary Nicolosi (Author)
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England’s Protestant Reformation was a bloody and violent affair as various factions in the church and nation battled over the future of Christianity. Between 1556 and 1645, two Archbishops of Canterbury and a King of England were executed.

At the heart of it all was a book crafted by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. The Book of Common Prayer guided – and some would say, goaded – a religious shift entirely unique in Christendom. The BCP charted a controversial middle road between Catholic heritage and Protestant reform. It was a road, filled with passions, colorful personalities and life-and-death struggles.

Suitable for church forums or private study, Concise History is both challenging and accessible. Each lesson includes questions to guide group discussion and to provoke serious personal reflection. Clergy, laiy and students of Anglican history and theology will find in this work a dramatic narrative and an invitation to deepen their faith.

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August 02, 2021
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