Pastor's Musings

by Rev. Mario Perez (Author)
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According to most dictionaries, “Musings” are periods of reflection or thought. After so many years of living (a lot of years!) I’ve been able to experience God in so many incredible ways. In my Family, my Marriage, my Kids and Grandkids, my Ministry and my Music.

Call me simple, but I look for God in all activity in my life. From my greatest victories to the most horrible failures, God has been right there in the mix. Nothing happens to me without Him knowing about it. There are still plenty of things I cannot figure out: Why does the creator of the universe who named all the stars think about me - and why so often? Why does He lavish such love on me? Why is He working behind the scenes orchestrating all things for my own good. I just don’t get it. You?

There I go again ‘Musing’. That’s the story of my life. Enjoy my Musings; hopefully they will bring a smile, an “LOL” or a tear as you read some of my most intimate moments with God.

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July 28, 2021
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