Reality Wedding: Reality Star Book 3

Reality Wedding: Reality Star Book 3

by Laura Heffernan (Author)
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Life as reality royalty rocks: Jen’s bakery is booming, Justin’s got his dream job, and they’re saving for a wedding. Then the producers call with an offer Jen can’t refuse: hold the wedding on national TV, or they’ll make sure Justin loses his job.

Oh, well. It’s just a few weeks, and the wedding will be paid, so how bad could it be?

Dumb question.

The producers don’t want a show about love, they want ratings and drama. From a wedding “dress” made of body paint to vegan cake, they’ve chucked Jen’s wishes out the window. Worse, Justin’s stuck in Florida, and the producers want the show to go on without him. Walking away from the show means a $100,000 penalty. If she can’t find a way to make her own ratings smash, Jen & Justin’s Big Day may turn into Jen’s Financial Fiasco.


Praise for America’s Next Reality Star 


“Smart, witty, and really freaking good, America’s Next Reality Star is a fun read that has you cheering from the first paragraph through the last page. Laura Heffernan spins an entertaining tale, expertly mixing the main character's real life events with the reality show's challenges. With enough drama to not only satisfy fans of reality TV shows, but readers who thrive on a good story with humor and romance, this book is a perfect read.” —Kerry Lonsdale, Wall Street Journal bestselling author 


“Reality TV fans, this is your book! Laura Heffernan captures all the drama and over-the-top craziness in this fun and flirty romance.” 

 —Amy E. Reichert, author of Love, Luck, and Lemon Pie 


America’s Next Reality Star is one sweet, sexy brain-candy read! You won’t be sorry you indulged.” —Leah Marie Brown

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July 26, 2021
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