It's in the Bag

by Adley,J. C. (Author)
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Anna Dawson has lived a full life at the youngish age of forty-four, complete with a little unwanted baggage. The daughter of a small-town sheriff and a comical and sometimes snooty mother, Anna married young, had two amazing boys, and divorced her doctor husband, all before turning thirty-five.

Needing to reinvent herself and find her own way, for herself and her boys, she went back to college, earned her law degree, and returned to the small town that she had grown up in to open her own law firm.

Anna finds her calling in helping her clients right wrongs and find common ground on uncommon footing. She gets herself mixed up in all kinds of family dramas, even a case of a black widow who has her eyes set on one of her town's most eligible widowers.

Personal drama is never far from Anna, not in the areas that one would think with her personal résumé of love and life. A diagnosis of Crohn's disease, a life-altering surgery, and the emotions that ensue, it is only by her fierce determination and ever-growing gamut of humor does she rise above and learn to laugh at herself.

With the help of her family, her friends, and a chronic illness that tried to overtake her world, Anna proves that no matter what, if you have just enough faith, plenty of sass, the determination of a Southern woman who has been told she cannot do something, and an unwavering sense of humor…anything is possible.

Finding herself, accepting the truth of her new normal and some very interesting and lifesaving baggage, Anna finds out that life and love can find their way to her again.

Publication date
July 20, 2021
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