You Create Your Life

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We create our own lives using our thoughts, our feelings and our beliefs.

Thoughts and feelings create and emit energy that influence both ourselves and our environment. Quantum physics has enabled us to measure these waves from the brain and heart and we all have our own unique frequency, because it depends on our DNA. This explains how a mother and her baby can sense each other and how identical twins can sense each other across the planet.

Your health is also influenced by your thoughts, feelings and beliefs because they cause the brain to release chemicals to the body based on how you are perceiving the world.

Quantum physics shows us that fundamentally, everything is energy – i.e. everything is connected in the same way that waves in the ocean influence and change each other when they meet. This is why the feeling of connectedness is so important for all of us.

By being conscious of how we act, feel and think, we can better steer our lives in a desired direction.

By clearing out old beliefs that no longer serve us and by creating balance between the brain and the heart – and between the left and right brain hemispheres – we can attain the life we desire. Henning provides four concrete exercises that you can practice, to you create the things you want in your life.

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