His to Command #6: The Surrender

by Opal Carew (Author)

From author Opal Carew comes the sixth and final segment in the erotic serial novel His to Command that explores one woman's surrender to desire at the hands of a dominant billionaire.
Her heart, her body, her soul?are his to command.

With Matt's painful admission hanging over their heads, Kate must decide whether to trust herself and her feelings for Matt--or leave everything behind. Will the truth finally be enough to break them apart? Or will Matt and Kate be able to let go of the past and finally move forward? Find out in the explosive final installment of His To Command!

Don't miss the other scintillating installments of the erotic serial novel His to Command: The Chase (Part 1), The Capture (Part 2), The Revelation (Part 3), The Arrangement (Part 4), and The Submission (Part 5) available January 2013!

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Publication date
February 04, 2013
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