The TV Was Really a Monster

de Luciano,Denys (Autor)
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The TV Was Really a Monster is a book about a very smart boy just like his name describes (Liam Smart) and an old librarian that worked in the school, who-to everyone's surprise-was also a scientist. One day, when Liam was on his way to school, he noticed a sudden change in the people of his neighborhood: they were all walking like zombies! Liam Smart and the old librarian made a plan to save Planet X from the evil TV that controlled anyone's brain who watched TV for long periods of time.

They traveled to the planet June where they had to find the super book to revert the effect that the evil TV caused to the people of Planet X. On his journey, Liam had to climb a tall mountain to get over his fear of heights. There he could obtain the gem of light and take it to the cave of dreams where the super book was buried. But the old librarian hid a very important detail from Liam Smart. In order for Liam Smart to find the super book, he had to be persistent and kindhearted to accomplish the mission. Will the Super Book defeat the evil TV?

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11 de junio de 2021
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