The New White Nationalism in Politics and Higher Education

by Michael H. Gavin (Author)

The New White Nationalism in Politics and Higher Education analyzes a new form of white nationalism that seeks to recruit mainstream citizens to achieve its goals. This New White Nationalism sees higher education, which imparts fact-based knowledge and interrogates history, social structures, and power, often from antiracist and multicultural lenses, as a threat. Michael H. Gavin reveals the tactics of The New White Nationalism and provides a tool called The Nostalgia Spectrum to examine American racism. In the process, the author demonstrates that what many scholars are calling a crisis in higher education is really a crisis of political and social imagination. Reimagining a socially just nation and leveraging higher education institutions that provide low-cost, accessible education to minorities as the first choice for middle class America could have transformative effects on the nation itself.

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June 11, 2021
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