Brand You Economics

by Arnt Eriksen (Author)

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, email marketing, or a tactical channel to boost traffic and sales, more companies want to take shortcuts to boost their brand.
These methods can pay off, but they can also hurt your brand. In fact, mistakes can be almost impossible to fix.
Brand You Economics highlights what influences a brand’s performance so you can determine how your brand contributes to the bottom line. Based on the author’s lifetime of discovering best marketing practices, it teaches you to:
• humanize your brand in seven distinct ways;
• leverage the power of influencer marketing;
• cultivate authentic relationships;
• map the customer journey.
You’ll learn how to find out about your audience, tell your story, and create a strong brand. By applying the book’s insights and principles, you’ll be able to build a brand that will outlast your lifetime.
Welcome to Brand You Economics, timeless, tangible tools and principles to ensure your brand’s legacy.

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May 27, 2021
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