Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here

di Claude Joseph (Autore)
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Ask yourself this question?

If good girls like the bad boys, then who do the nice guys like? Of course, the science is not definitive, but the answer may lie within this story…..

This is a story of a millionaire in New Orleans who seems to have it all, but what you don’t know is that he has a fatal flaw; he’s attracted to the wrong women. The ones that smell like trouble from a mile away, and this one in particular had her demons on her shoulders. She wore them like a badge of honor. She has a Borderline Personality Disorder, pulling several weights of troubling history, and evil agendas. Her name is Andrea Locket, the alluring beauty who poses as a dainty maid for hire to get what and who she wants. Eliminating anyone who stands in her way.

But why would a man fall for a woman with so much baggage? Why didn’t he just run the other way?

I’m glad you asked because I know you are curious about the reason why. But nothing is just black and white, there is always some grey. There’s usually much more to things than we can see. That is why you must take this journey with me to where it all began.

The man in is story is me, Lonnie Guy, who invites you to take a ride with me on this erotic, wild journey of how she became who she is; and why I stayed.

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19 maggio 2021
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