Missing in the Himalayas

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Returning to India from China on November 3, 1944, WWII C-46 #996 calls an ominous “Mayday.” The author, himself a Hump pilot on a mission that horrendous night, recalls the violent storms. Nothing more is heard from cargo plane 996. Sixty years later, a Tibetan hunter wanders onto the crashed plane at 14,000 feet. An MIA Team based in Hawaii is dispatched to Tibet to excavate and search the crash site.
Missing in the Himalayas connects the dots between the C-46’s crash in 1944 and its excavation in 2004, between a gallant aircrew in WWII and a dedicated MIA recovery team today. The book narrates the high-risk adventure in detail---an anatomy of an MIA mission.
Illustrated with dramatic photographs, Missing in the Himalayas is of special interest to pilots and aviation enthusiasts, to mountaineers, and to WWII history buffs. Aficionados of the CBI theater and the Hump will find the book of particular interest.

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21 avril 2005
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