The Do-Over

by Jennifer Torres (Author)
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From the author of Stef Soto, Taco Queen comes this story about sisterhood, friendship, and the intricacies of blended families.

Raquel and Lucinda used to be inseparable. But ever since their parents split, Raquel has been acting like editor-in-chief of their lives. To avoid her overbearing sister, Lucinda spends most of her time with her headphones on, practicing her skating routine.

Then a pandemic hits, and the sisters are forced to spend the lockdown at their dad’s ranch house. When their classmates suggest they bring their mom along, Raquel sees a chance to get back everything she has lost. They could get their parents to fall in love again and give their family a second chance, a do-over.

But neither of them is expecting to find their dads new family in their house. And when Lucinda finds she actually really likes them, Raquel gets even more desperate to fix things. As her schemes to get rid of her dad’s new girlfriend get more and more out of hand, Lucinda starts to wonder what they are really fighting for.

Trying to bring the Mendoza family back together, seems to be tearing everyone further apart.

Publication date
June 07, 2022
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