A Together We Are Great

by Deynes,David (Author)

In my experience thus far in life, I have learned that if doubt leads to questions and questions lead to answers and if answers are accepted, then doubt has been beneficial.
Knowledge can guide you . . . but experience is our best teacher.
Parents/guardians are the ones that teach us life from birth. No one really wants their child to be a failure in life; they only hope to love their child the best way possible. Does anyone really hope for their offspring to be lost in life? It happens in the blink of an eye, without a moment's notice, as life passes us by.
I awoke one day to a very hard knock on the glass sliding door and had my life forever altered. Wait one minute there; I awoke five minutes late for work! What could possibly be the reason these people are knocking at my side door?
This is a unique and fascinating book that could forever alter your life, as mine has been altered. David Deynes is uniquely qualified to help you, along with your loved ones, and all others you may come across. He will help you cope with the revolving episodes in life, bringing all of us to the state of mind required to live, and conquer almost anything we have endured or are currently battling!
Taking us through some of the events in his own life, while using the experiences of that of many others, David helps us understand how determination, persistence, confirmations, and love help us in the bad times and in the good times!
David states, "For the past twenty-five years and counting, I have witnessed both good and evil, in general, and have had the opportunity to choose between the good of this age or the bad. Over the last several years, I have made my choice and you will be amazed as to the reasons and experiences behind that final choice. The reasoning behind my choice, I strongly believe, contains most of the answers to all the questions about the lessons to live by in what we all call LIFE!"

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October 29, 2019
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