The Perfect Sacrifice

Communion With Jesus
by Stanger,K.C. (Author)
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Imagine being awakened to the person of Jesus in your adult years but having very little experience with the Bible. For one who desires to learn of the richness of the Bible, beginning the task of embracing the immensity of this Holy Book can feel overwhelming. Yet when the lessons of the Bible are broken down into individual encounters with God, the task of understanding God's message to humankind becomes less intimidating.
The Perfect Sacrifice is an adult Bible devotional that focuses on men and women whose lives reflect the same struggles we face today. These snapshots of Biblical characters and situations serve as reminders of how Jesus fulfilled the needs and hopes of people in the past and how, in turn, Jesus leads us on our journey with Him today. This book highlights the trail of love Jesus leads throughout the Bible and draws the reader closer to the embodiment of love""Jesus.
This manuscript is unique in assisting the reader to consider how Jesus was alive and involved in the characters' lives from the first page of the Bible. Jesus, in this writing, is seen as continually acting out God's love and as the fulfillment of the longings of Bible characters. The great men and women of the Bible were often unknowingly walking toward the cross. Although they were looking for a deliverer to assist them with their personal circumstances, God was more concerned with their eternal destiny. This book helps the reader commune with their Maker and Eternal Deliverer. The Perfect Sacrifice strives to introduce others to the Great Shepard and the Lamb of God who was healing, caring, and leading His people even as they were unaware of His presence. Jesus""present at the beginning of time and present throughout time.

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August 30, 2019
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