Little Dove Sparkling Water

by Dodi Bird Dickson (Author)
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Once upon a time, many, many years ago, God created a lovely forest. Surrounding the forest were beautiful mountains with snow-covered peaks. Big green trees grew on the mountains and on the forest floor. Below the mountains were winding streams with clear, cold running water that came from the melting mountain snow. Living in the forest were many different types of plants, animals, and birds. All the plants, trees, and wildlife spoke the same language and could talk to one another. They would also watch out for and protect each other. God looked down on His beautiful forest and was very pleased.
This story is about a little dove and an old coyote. The little dove could sing beautiful songs that would echo throughout the entire forest. She was very proud of her lovely voice and thought she knew everything about everything there was to know in the forest. The coyote had been around for many, many years and was very wise in his old age. He had experienced and knew much more than little dove would ever know.
One evening the coyote sensed that there was danger coming to the forest. He went throughout the forest warning everything to prepare for the coming danger. He spoke to the little dove high in her birch tree and warned her about the danger. The little dove did not listen to the coyote and did not follow his instructions. The little dove thought she was safe from any danger that might happen to the others, and it almost cost her life.

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January 30, 2019
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