Nursery Rhymes for the Christian Mind

by Syble Thompson (Author)
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Nursery Rhymes for the Christian Mind is a collection of ordinary, popular nursery rhymes that children learn every day. They can be interpreted to illustrate how God can influence our lives. How God can be the solution to the problems we have in our lives. They can also reflect how God can be the joy we experience when we overcome a struggle.
For hundreds of years, nursery rhymes have been taught to people all over the world. They are used for playing games, for counting, as well as learning the alphabet. They have originated from various countries, giving ideas of other cultures. Some are funny. Some are cute. Some are ridiculous. Some are encouraging.
Instead of thinking of nursery rhymes as just meaningless words thrown together to humor us, Nursery Rhymes for the Christian Mind allows us to look at them as another teaching tool to aid in our daily walk with God. They can be used to gain an understanding of God's Word. Children will learn early that many nursery rhymes can help them feel the peace of Christ. Adults can reflect on how to gain strength and peace by relying on God. Whatever the reason for their origination, today we can, in fact, use nursery rhymes to assist in our personal spiritual growth.

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May 28, 2020
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