by Audette,Priscilla (Author)

After suffering a blow to the head that robs her of herself, the aptly named Faith struggles against almost insurmountable odds to reclaim herself and her life as she knew it.
First, a disclaimer: although the protagonist in this novel suffers an injury, Lost is not a medical or health book. Rather, it is a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit that can rise like the proverbial phoenix after suffering a nearly lethal trauma. Faith is a character who finds herself in a situation that will be identifiable to many readers. Who hasn't known someone who has suffered a concussion or worse? To find oneself lost in the labyrinth of the mind because the brain has been injured is taking the hero's journey to a new and challenging level. The hero's journey resonates in all our psyches and that is why stories like The Wizard of Oz or Star Wars grab at us on a visceral level. Faith's "Call to Adventure" is a car accident. She doesn't have the choice of refusal; instead, she is sucked into a new and scary world when life as she knows it disappears. She finds mentors, is tested, and ultimately fights her way back not to her old self, but evolves into someone who has gained knowledge and is better for it. To come to know Faith is to become her cheerleader. Readers will keep reading not only because the writing is compelling but because they want her to succeed. On some level, her successes will be their successes no matter what different and challenging paths their own lives follow. Just like Faith, we all deal with the trials and tribulations life tosses our way, and we are usually better for the experiences. Faith is every woman.
Seismic Influences:
Sylvia - What an insightful view into life as it was in the early 70s!
Dakota Jean - I found myself thinking more about philosophy of life after reading this novel, than after reading non-fiction books written for that purpose.
Court Appointed:
Lily - The best social commentary novel this year!
Joe-Anne - This is one of those rare books that keeps you turning the pages and wishing you could read faster while knowing that at the same time you don't want the story to end.

Lost: A Novel was a finalist in the 2018 International Book Awards!

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February 21, 2018
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