How I Spent My Billion Dollars

by K. L. Loignon (Author)

What is your price? How much would a Jackpot have to be before you would give a nod to the process and cross your fingers that you just might win. Missy Pinyon always dismissed her mother's mantra"" you can't win if you don't play. Then the jackpot reached over one billion dollars. So, Missy nodded all right, and she won! Then, as "luck" would have it, she was given the nod by destiny itself. She was to lose just as much as she had won, and all in the very same day.
Laced with true life events, the story looks at self-awareness, heartbreak, personal loss, and life-affirming revelations. Missy discovers that the only way to truly "win" is by honoring those that have gone before. She does find ways to have fun with the money though while overcoming struggles with trust and confidence, and eventually, she must come face to face with a very dark secret past.
It has always been by channeling alter egos that she could be more like the best she admired in others. She could never seem to manage the practice on her own. But now a billionaire, it is her winnings, sharing her winnings really, that allows Missy to finally see for herself how to give credit where credit is due. Sometimes, we need to trust things happen for the better. In the end, it is a process, and Missy just might have found the love of her life for the first time (again).
This story is sprinkled with humor and some tears, but such is life like Missy would say, "Those good things, keep 'em going, and in pressure situations, nobody knows what you think until you tell them. So, it's up to you to stay regular."

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April 14, 2020
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