Letters to My Lord

by Gwen Hamill Yoos (Author)
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This is a book of prayers written to God. It pours out the heart and soul of its author, day in and day out. It represents a Christian's thoughts on many topics and covers honest, emotional, and compassionate situations and issues. Gwen writes to God in a conversational tone that reflects the feelings of each of us. She calls these Letters to My Lord and has shared them daily with other believers who have asked to receive her inspirational words. Read one devotional each day to be inspired all year long.
"I give God the praise for giving you these words..." Kristie
"They (your prayers) daily touch the life of this woman new to Christ." Kyle
"Amen!" William
"Your prayer today was written specifically for me and was exactly the prayer I needed to give to God today. Thank you for following the Holy Spirit leading in your life. " Gisselle
"I am thankful every day for the gift of your love and the prayers you send. They always remind me to be always grateful." Sandy
"This is really excellent! Thanks for sharing." Penny
"Just wanted you to know that this verse came at a great time this morning. Thanks for being a faithful prayer partner." Candi
"Your prayers are like ripples, growing wider and wider as they touch more and more lives. I have used them as the opening and closing devotionals for my deacon meetings...you are a blessing." Sandy

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February 14, 2020
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