Megan's First Friends

by Tomi Taylor (Author)
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Megan's First Friends is a story about an autistic child who makes her first friend, loses her friend to childhood cancer, grieves her friend, and the processes of understanding all of these events and more. Megan's journey is full of emotion and empathy and gives children and adults an inside look at what an autistic child goes through when they lose a friend. Guilt and grief experiences, although felt deeply, can seem to be absent for some autistic children and adults. Megan's First Friends gives us a glimpse of what the silence can be hiding and how supportive adults can help.
Although written from the prospective of a first grader, the story is easily relatable to any age. The book was written to be a therapeutic tool designed for therapists, parents, and physicians to spark conversations with children about death and dying, showing and sharing emotions, and friendship. The story is based on real-life events from the author's childhood.

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December 15, 2020
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