Total Commitment to Christ (AW Tozer Series Book 8)

de A.W. Tozer (Autor)
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This is a short but inspiring book on how to follow Christ with your whole heart. We must put Christ at the center of our lives and live for him and through him alone. He was an iconoclast among Evangelicals. One who sought to please God and not man. In this way he made many friends and many enemies. But everything that drove him was for the betterment of the human race in general and the Church in particular.


Aiden Wilson Tozer was an American evangelical pastor, speaker, writer, and editor. After coming to Christ at the age of seventeen, Tozer found his way into the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination where he served for over forty years. In 1950, he was appointed by the denomination's General Council to be the editor of 'The Alliance Witness'.

Born into poverty in western Pennsylvania in 1897, Tozer died in May 1963 a self-educated man who had taught himself what he missed in high school and college due to his home situation. Though he wrote many books, two of them, 'The Pursuit of God' and 'The Knowledge of the Holy' are widely considered to be classics.

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13 de mayo de 2021

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