Incorporating Engaged Research in Social Development

de Wassie Kebede (Autor), Alice K. Butterfield (Autor)

In a wide-ranging presentation derived from teaching experiences and research projects, seasoned professors, Wassie Kebede and Alice Buttereld, examine engaged research that links social work, human services, and social development with the intent of instigating action for social change.

Drs. Kebede and Buttereld begin by introducing others to an overview of engaged research and models of social change, and then examine development issues in Ethiopia in view of engaged research. After offering their context of engaged research as a prototype for extrapolating development policies that can be studied, compared, and contrasted with those in other countries, Kebede and Buttereld present the results from the engaged research of former PhD students, now faculty at various universities in Ethiopia. The book provides a glimpse into the professors? own experiences and an emphasis on the importance of involving faculty and students in engaged research through coursework.

Incorporating Engaged Research in Social Development is a comprehensive study that offers academic insight and research results in order to promote social development and change. Readers are encouraged to use this book for teaching and implementing engaged research in higher education. Guidelines for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses are included.

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26 de abril de 2021
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