Living Your Legacy Now!

de Bill Blalock (Autor)

The purpose of Living Your Legacy Now! is to bring out the best in every person that reads it and help them apply the life lessons contained in it! Its audience is multi-generational. Countless books have been written about human behavior, leadership, success, positive life balance and spirituality. This is a different kind of book in its content, format, and purpose.

The reader will not be overwhelmed with long chapters of text and commentary, but instead exposed to brief life lessons, some only one page in length, that are designed for the reader to think through the topic at hand and make needed changes in his or her life! Many lessons serve to validate that the reader is on course with their intended life purpose. So, Living Your Legacy Now! is not complex, but easy to understand. It will educate and inspire the reader to live a successful, healthy, and fulfilling life. It will definitely "bring out the best in yourself!"

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29 de abril de 2021
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