A Minister's Quick Reference

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A Minister's Quick Reference: 432 Sermon Titles and Scripture was written with the intent to make it easier for persons preparing God's Word to spend more time in thought and meditation than in the development of their sermon, ministry or educational project, message, or devotion.

This book benefits the user by shortening the time spent on finding a title and scripture during sermon preparation. It contains 432 sermon titles and scripture developed from 21 evangelistic key words from the Bible.

It was written with the hope that pastors, ministers, students, and lay people alike may find it helpful. They are benefited by eliminating the steps of finding a title and scripture, which leaves them more time for preparation. The objective of this manual is to simplify the task of preaching, teaching, and evangelizing. The desire was to help others decrease effort and energy, thereby enabling them to spend more time in thought on their subject matter.

This reference manual was developed to suit the academic, religious, and liturgical markets for pastors, ministers, students, teachers, and lay people. It is a compilation of sermon titles and the scripture which support them, having been inspired by God.

A Minister's Quick Reference: 432 Sermon Titles and Scripture was written for you, regardless of whether you are preparing a sermon for your preaching course, developing a sermon for preaching to a congregation, or simply creating a message to share with a Bible study or small group. There is opportunity for conservation of time and energy spent in your sermon construction. This guide assists in providing both the sermon title and text to begin preparation for developing your message.

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May 07, 2021
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