The Harsh Truth

by Tenor,Paul (Author)

In 2015, God gave me knowledge and wisdom about many things. I struggled with just what to do with all of that. In 2018, God took all of the distractions out of my life and then told me to write a book and tell the American people the truth about what he has shown me. So that is exactly what I did. God is working through me, so I had to deliver the truth to all of you as if God were telling you himself. I knew he was not happy with any of us, so I had to use a tone that would reflect his disappointment. I decided to make that tone a harsh one and decided to call the book The Harsh Truth. I did not speculate on anything in this book but rather explained it the way God has shown it to me. God's truth is valid, and I stand behind it. It is all about the truth, and I hope that everyone will see that in my writing. I tried my best to keep it simple to understand and hope you will enjoy it. You are going to learn a lot of things, which have never been known to mankind. It is an exciting read, full of knowledge that up until now, only I had. At the end of the book, you will see that God has a test for each and every one of you. Read it carefully and do not forget it. God bless you all!


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May 06, 2021
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