We All Die Suddenly

by Andrew R. Murray (Author)

Amy Goodman was always such a supportive wife. Imagine her surprise when she discovers her husband is leaving her. He?s leaving her with more than confusion and a broken heart. It turns out he cheated on her, and due to the encounter, contracted a new form of HIV that he has now passed on to Amy.

The prognosis is bad, and Amy must face it herself. She is given a year to live, but she will not go quietly into that dark night. Instead, Amy burns the home she shared with her lying husband to the ground. She then begins a cross-country expedition that will end with her husband?s death.

She travels from Wisconsin to Colorado to California, leaving ruined men in her wake. The authorities find a man handcuffed to a bed in a motel room, and after her house burns down, they realize this case is more serious than they thought. Amy Goodman is out for bloody revenge, and nothing will stop her.

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April 23, 2021
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