How to Relax While Flying

by Donna M. Trickett (Author)
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How to Relax While Flying, will not only help you to pass the time more enjoyably, as you wait for your flight to leave, but it will transport you to places you may never have been before, through the playful and honest storytelling-style of Donna Trickett.

How to Relax While Flying, is filled with stress-reducing lessons derived from each true short story. Each chapter describes a trip Donna made with her airline pilot husband, Nelson, for over 50 years. You will laugh at their honeymoon standby mishaps, sing to Mr. Rogers in first class and discover the unique beauty of Palmer, Alaska; Riccione, Italy; Hana, Maui; Jasper, Alberta; and the Isle of Man, to name but a few. You?ll take on a more positive outlook on air travel, as you gain a pilot?s perspective and learn truths about airline safety.

As a bonus, chapter 27 has valuable tips for standby travelers and chapter 28 has tips to promote relaxation while flying.

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March 16, 2021
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