Seven Days to My Prosperities

by Nelson,Christopher (Author)
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This book is a pathway to your prosperities: wisdom, good health, including financial increase. It is a never-ending blessing which God has in stock for you because he will pay your bills if you stick to him. The book has meaningful prayers, fasting, and meditations to beat down anything or anyone who tries to beat you down. It is a workbook which is presented eloquently that could be compared to a drill to drill out your blessings for you to prosper. The book teaches how to achieve God and how to hold on to him and never to let him go. You will learn in the book that, with God, we can do all things by Christ Jesus who is our strength.We are tired of pains and all the hangovers attached to them and refuse to suffer anymore, instead, we reclaim our blessings which were stolen by the devil, the thief. We now realize that we are more than conquerors and that we can beat down our problems and oppressors through Christ Jesus. We know that the enemy is out there to create confusions, and we also know that the enemy, with his confusions and the troubles he causes, will bow down at the name of Jesus for your sake, amen.We are fully aware that the kingdom of God is here to stay with you forever and that your daily needs are oversupplied and that you have nothing to worry about, either what to eat or wear, if you stick to God, amen. You will be ready to achieve the greatest and to shine the brightest because the chances of your prosperities will soar. With that said, you will reclaim your good health, wealth, and wisdom forever in Christ Jesus, amen. Bye-bye pains and sufferings of all sorts, and welcome abundances. At this point, you will be accomplished and fulfilled forever in Jesus name, amen.

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April 12, 2021
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