Everything You Need for Your Wedding Day

by Sue Taylor (Author)
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How could you possibly know where to start with planning your wedding day? Whether it?s a small elopement or a huge wedding - it?s a lot of work and you are going to need help.

I?ve seen so many couples spend months and years planning the perfect wedding yet fail to put in basic systems on the day itself. A great wedding doesn?t just happen, and it won?t run itself.

I?ve been involved in planning and shooting more than 3,500 weddings over more than a decade and have won over 20 national and state awards. Trust me. I?ve seen it all, and I?m here to share it with you. The information has been combined with a journal so you may take notes as you go along. It?s your ?all in one? handbook that will be with you from the start of your wedding planning journey to the end.

This book is to warn you about the pitfalls, and to prepare you for what it?s ?really? like. There?s no sugar coating of words??I?m just going to tell you how it is.

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February 24, 2021
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