Charming Quilted Animals

Charming Quilted Animals

Irresistible Patchwork Designs & Accessories (Includes Printable Template Sheets)
by Saito,Yoko (Author)
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Bring adorable animals to life with this sweet and whimsical hand-quilting book.

From favorite critters like perky penguins, smiling lions and gangly giraffes to unexpected friends like jellyfish, vultures and a unicorn, this book includes an animal for each letter of the alphabet.

In Charming Quilted Animals, world-renowned quilt artist Yoko Saito shows you how to:

  • Make over 40 different animal appliques
  • Create 26 animal patches--from A-Z
  • Incorporate the animals in 25 unique projects
  • Implement essential quilting techniques

Make fun items like a tapestry incorporating all the animals, a clasp purse, pin cushion, accessory tray, pencil case and tote bag for the kids in your life--or the kid in you! This charming collection of designs is accessible to quilters of all skill levels.

A generous how-to section with photographic illustrations takes you through the basics of hand quilting, while instructions and diagrams for each project show you how to assemble your pieces from start to finish. A link is included for printable tracing sheets containing templates for all the animals and elements used in these projects.

There's no limit to what you can do with these playful animal appliques. Let Charming Quilted Animals inspire you to add touches of whimsical wildlife to your quilted designs. This ebook comes with tiled printable templates. Once printed, the tiles must be assembled in order to replicate the complete pattern sheet that is packaged with the print edition. If this is a task you prefer to avoid, we suggest purchasing the print edition instead.

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October 12, 2021
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