Mythducking Tales

by Suzanne Pavey (Author)
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Mythducking Tales: For Adults Only is a product of my slightly warped imagination. This book consists of eight short fairytales adapted and twisted to an adult version and then written in rhyme.

Follow Robert Wolf on his slightly corrupt adventures that are far from placid or go along for the ride as Little Red drops some acid.

Learn what to do if you need to take a pee in the woods, especially if you are with a party of hoods.

Read all about a cunning, thieving cat, or a girl who takes revenge on her stepsisters who are ugly and fat.

And do not forget to check out that girl who had seven men, or Robert Wolf?s final chapter now that he is free from the pen.

So, I hope you enjoy what my slightly twisted mind has created for you and be sure to tell all your friends to buy their copy too!

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August 10, 2020
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