The Kitchen Pantry Scientist Biology for Kids

by Liz Lee Heinecke (Author), Kelly Anne Dalton (Illustrator)
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Aspiring young biologists will discover an amazing group of role models and memorable experiments in Biology for Kids, the second book of The Kitchen Pantry Scientist series.

Play disease detective to learn how John Snow tracked down the source of a cholera epidemic. Learn about biologist Ernest Everett Just’s discoveries and experiment with osmosis using eggs with dissolved shells. Make your own agar plates for growing bacteria and fungi just like Fannie Hess.

This engaging guide offers a series of snapshots of 25 scientists famous for their work with biology, from ancient history through today. Each lab tells the story of a scientist along with some background about the importance of their work, and a description of where it is still being used or reflected in today’s world.

A step-by-step illustrated experiment paired with each story offers kids a hands-on opportunity for exploring concepts the scientists pursued, or are working on today. Experiments range from very simple projects using materials you probably already have on hand, to more complicated ones that may require a few inexpensive items you can purchase online. Just a few of the incredible people and scientific concepts you’ll explore:

Maria Sibylla Merian (b. 1647)
Observe, photograph and illustrate insects on plants
Scientific concepts: observation and documentation of insect habitat and metamorphosis

Charles Darwin (b. 1809)
Play a competitive advantage game.
Scientific concepts: natural selection and evolution

Louis Pasteur (b. 1822)
Make a flask like Pasteur’s to grow microbes from the air.
Scientific concepts: microbial fermentation and germ theory

Rae Wynn-Grant (b. 1985)
Use cookie crumbs to attract ants. Observe the behavior of ants and other animals.
Scientific concepts: ecology and animal behavior

Biology is the name for the study of living organisms, but long before the word biologist was coined, people around the world realized that by studying the world around them, they could improve their lives. Learning about plants and insects helped them discover new medicines and grow better crops. Studying animals taught them how to raise healthy poultry, cattle, and horses for food, farming, and transportation.

Today’s biologists study everything imaginable. From oceans, jungles, and cities to the space station, the universe is their laboratory. Like those who went before them, they are fascinated by plants, animals, and microbes and understand that their discoveries can make the world a better place for all living things.

With this fascinating, hands-on exploration of the history of biology, inspire the next generation of great scientists.

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April 27, 2021
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