The Almost Last Roundup

by John R. Erickson (Author), Gerald L. Holmes (Illustrator)

Hank the Cowdog has seen dry summers in his years as the Head of Ranch Security, but nobody on the ranch has seen a drought like this. Ponds have dried up, the creek is down to a trickle, pastures have turned to burned toast, and the cows are kicking up clouds of dust. Then, to top it all off, Pete the Barncat hatches a dastardly plot to ruin Loper?s birthday! The last thing the cowboys need is a prairie fire, but that?s what they get, and it begins to look like the next roundup might be their last. What the ranch really needs is a good rain to bring back the grass . . . and Loper?s good mood!

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August 17, 2020
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