The Whole Bible Points to Jesus

by Holly Desvignes (Author)

Where do we find Jesus in the Bible? How can we recognize Him? Many people do not understand that the Bible is one book, connected by one thing: Jesus Christ coming to be the Savior of the world. In fact, Jesus is the theme of the whole Bible?God?s way of salvation, progressively revealed from Genesis to Revelation.

The Whole Bible Points to Jesus explains how Jesus is revealed throughout the Bible and how God weaves it all together into one message of salvation through Him. It uses activities intended to help illustrate this truth and challenges that are a bit more difficult to solve. The guidance it offers can help young people develop an interest in Bible study, grow as Christians, and build their relationship with God.

Uplifting and engaging, this educational activity book teaches middle readers how and where Jesus can be found in the whole Bible.

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October 09, 2020
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