The Case of The Mysterious Mansion

di Krivchenia,Margaret (Autore)

The four cousins, Kate, Emma, Harrison, and Parker, are traveling to Asheville, North Carolina for a Christmas vacation with their parents. Their friend Tommy and his collie, Robin, will be flying in from Cody, Wyoming, to join them. They met Tommy last July when they visited JW at the Flying J Boys' Ranch near Cody, Wyoming. There, they discovered the secret hidden in the Broken Arrow Mine. Now, they are anticipating a fun-filled snowy time of snowman-building, sledding, and exploring the woods surrounding their haven on the mountain. Little do they know of the blizzard that is heading their way, or that they will experience another strange and inspiring mystery in the beautiful mansion called Grey Stone Manor hidden deep in the forests, high above the Christmas village of Holly Hill. They will meet three wonderful people who reside in this majestic home: Anna, Clarence, and Agnes. Grey Stone Manor holds a secret in its forgotten depths that could save the mansion from being sold to developers who will destroy this historic house. Follow the cousins and Tommy as they race against time to discover the ancient artifact from Bethlehem. Travel with them as they descend into the scary, dark, and unexplored areas of Grey Stone Manor, seeking the miracle that will save them all, including the village of Holly Hill. Once again, they will bring healing and love and show the goodness of God in a wonderful Christmas blessing.

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29 marzo 2021
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