Sharing Stories of Jesus with Children

by Nancy Elizabeth Gainor (Author), Kendall Gainor (Illustrator), Clara Gainor (Illustrator), Grayson Gainor (Illustrator), Garrett Gainor (Illustrator), Hudson Gainor (Illustrator), Ford Gainor (Illustrator), Parker Gainor (Illustrator)

Sharing Stories of Jesus with Children was designed to assist parents and church leaders in their ability to convey the life of Christ personally and inspirationally to youth.

Rhyming short stories abbreviate the Scripture in terms a child can understand in an entertaining format. In ?Fishing,? she writes:
His words of wisdom
will be shared and then
instead of the fish
the disciples catch men.

In ?Skin,? she writes:
Others will run
but Jesus stays.
Touches the skin
doesn?t shy away.
Leper is cleansed,
blemishes removed
a miracle performed
skin like new!

Dozens of other heartfelt stories paired with interpretive drawings with space for children to foster their personal application encourage children to develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.

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May 26, 2020
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