The Hummingbird Story

The Hummingbird Story

by Lori Josifek (Author)

There are times when everyone needs to hear the comforting words, ?Don?t worry, everything will be all right.? We need to know that there?s someone greater than ourselves watching out for our well- being. And that when the worst seems to be happening in our life or in the lives of those we love, there is someone who hears our prayers, sees our need, and responds in love.

In this simple, true story, the chance meeting of a pet cat and a hummingbird reflects this truth in a real and comforting way. Confronted with a natural tragedy, the author is reminded of a Biblical truth and calls upon God to intervene. When He does, the author?s faith is encouraged. In turn, she invites readers to trust in the God of the Bible who cares?even about sparrows and hummingbirds.

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December 28, 2020
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