L a D a K H Heaven in the Himalayas - a Piece of Broken Moon-Land in India

by Deb Lahiri (Author)
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As if the time has come to a standstill here. Versatile craftworks on the barren mountain surface, blue sky, white clouds and numerous Buddhist monasteries! Old Monks- fanatics of superstitions, supernatural spirit, proficient in black magic! By the side of this, innocent and round-faced people are around. Ladakh! Shines in the pinnacle of Indian Map. People rushed in here time and again, through age after ages, century after centuries by its magnetic attraction. Deb captured the versatile dimensions of Ladakh through his lenses, roaming around all the corners of this land. Many images from his collections and an account about this land are compiled in this book. The magnificent beauty of Ladakh could surely be enjoyed through the pictures, while a connoisseur would certainly feel the touch of a living Ladakh through the descriptions. At times you can even hear the whispers of faded history as well.

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October 31, 2019
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