Outdoor Paint Techniques and Faux Finishes, Revised Edition

by Marina Niven (Author), Louise Hennigs (Author)
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Outdoor Paint Techniques and Faux Finishes shows beginning and advanced decorators how to revitalize their outdoor environment with weatherproof paint effects. Colorful, inspirational and practical, it guides the reader through a series of 25 decorative finishes ideal for external walls, floors and woodwork. This book features a wide variety of stunning effects for five surfaces: plaster, cement, wood, metal and stone. The authors cover a wide variety of paint effects including stucco, faux tiles, frescos, lime washing, verdigris, moss effects and more. They introduce new decorative finishes that can withstand the forces of nature as effectively as traditional exterior paints, with advice on surface preparation, color usage and recommended equipment. Clear text and detailed step-by-step photographs make it easy to create beautiful embellishments that make a personal decorating statement.

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December 11, 2018
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