12 Rules for Studying

by Renelo Peque (Author)
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Over the years, Renelo developed study techniques and strategies that were essential in helping him complete his degrees while working full-time. He hopes to share these techniques and strategies to all students who not only want to improve their academic results but also those who want to learn a new field of knowledge or skill. This book also aims to assist those who want to change careers using technique and strategies that will help accelerate the transition.

Renelo has gone through the various study techniques that are available out there and narrowed them down to 12 techniques that actually work. He hopes that every student can get a copy of this book and transform their approach and attitude towards learning to a more positive and enjoyable one.

Equip yourself today with the tools that will set you up for success with your school or university studies and learning in general.

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February 05, 2021
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